Disney Infinity: The Great Lakes Adventure is available for preorder in the US

Disney Infinity 2.0: The Journey begins with The Great Lands, the next installment in the Disney Infinity series, which includes new attractions and content to explore on your new Disney Infinity console.

The first of these, The Great Adventures of the Great Lakes, will be launching in July and will introduce you to the region’s many wildlife species.

In addition, you’ll get to discover more about the Great Land, including the unique Lakes of the Littles and their watery habitats, before taking a trip to the Great Lake Wilderness and encountering the first of the great beasts.

In addition, players will also get to play a brand new mission in the game.

When the world is threatened by an invading force of alien beasts, you will need to take the fight to the enemy!

Players will be able to create their own mini-games and compete in new game modes, including one in which you must build a fort and defend it from waves of alien creatures.

The Great Littlest Adventures of New Orleans is available in July for $4.99 and is a new game mode that lets players explore the region from an alien perspective.

Players will also be able download and play the game’s first trailer, which you can check out below:Disney Infinity 2: The Quest is also coming to the United States, and while it won’t be available until November, Disney Infinity players will be in for a treat when the game launches this summer.

Disney Infinity fans will be given access to the first expansion pack of the game, The Lost Lands, that introduces new worlds, adventures, and content that are available exclusively through the game on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

While this is a first for the Disney franchise, the team at Disney Interactive is taking the series in a new direction.

“It’s great to see the Disney community embrace the power of Disney Infinity to create and deliver the greatest entertainment experiences possible,” said Dan Jones, senior vice president of Disney Interactive Entertainment.

“We’re excited to expand the breadth of content for Disney Infinity and offer the best experience ever on all of our platforms.

Disney is a global brand and this will allow us to expand our reach into a global audience with the newest and most exciting additions to our entertainment portfolio.”

The Lost Lands expansion pack will include new maps, character skins, and more.

The Lost Lakes expansion pack is available to preorder now at Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity 3.0 is available worldwide for $19.99.

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