How to buy anise flavored vodka

Anise flavored spirits are getting a new name in Quebec, and the city is hoping the name will draw in tourists.

Anise Liqueur is a brand that combines anise and vanilla, with a twist on the classic flavor.

Anisette Liqueurs are the second flavor in the Anisettes line, after the vanilla and caramel.

(CBC News)”Anise flavored Liqueures is a unique, distinctive and tasty blend that blends the best of two flavours,” said Anisetta’s founder and CEO, Cara Liguori.

“It’s like a natural vanilla and anise that’s blended to perfection.”

“It is a really good blend for people who like the vanilla or caramel taste, or just want to try out some new flavours,” she said.

Anises are also available in a number of other flavors.

The Ligurian family started making the spirits in the late 1990s and they’re now in the process of expanding to more of Canada.

An Liguana said the brand has already sold about 5,000 cases in Quebec and plans to bring more flavors to Quebec.

“The Anisetts are known for their delicious vanilla and their delicious caramel,” she added.

An Anisett is not a big brand in Quebec.

Ligua said the Anisa family has a long history of blending spirits and now has more than 60 products to choose from.

“We’ve created a brand of Anisa in Quebec that is so well-known,” she explained.

“We’re really pleased with the results.”

Liguora says the brand will be launched in a couple of years.

Development Is Supported By

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