Southern Comfort liqueurs make a comeback with Southern Comfort recipe

The popularity of Southern Comfort has grown in recent years, thanks to new craft beer styles and an increasingly diverse list of liqueuring options, including Southern Comfort.

The recipe was created by a company called Southern Comfort Liqueurs, a division of American Beverage Co. The brand is a favorite among beer drinkers.

The drink is served in many ways: in bars and restaurants, on the porch of a cabin, at parties and on the barbecue grill.

“It’s a very unique style of liquor that really blends the flavors of the beer with a citrus and bourbon flavor that we think will make for a very interesting beer,” said Steve Lavin, president of Southern Beverage.

“A lot of folks, especially people in the craft beer community, will be looking for that, because the flavors are really different and it really does taste like Southern Comfort.”

There are a number of Southern comfort liques out there, but the flavor is something different.

“The Southern Comfort is a bourbon liqueural, and there are different styles of Southern liqueures,” said Lavin.

“There are Southern Comfort Bourbon, and Southern Comfort Rye.

It’s like a cocktail, and it’s the most interesting of the cocktails.”

Southern Comfort includes a combination of bourbon, rye, and bourbon-barley syrup, and is made with bourbon barrels.

There are other Southern liques that include other flavors like bourbon, wheat, honey, and spice.

The Southern Comfort also uses the term Southern Comfort for all of its products, including cocktails.

The new Southern Comfort drink will be released on May 10.

“We wanted to create a drink that’s really unique to the beer and the liqueors and really to our customers,” said Jason Paretti, Southern Beverages vice president of craft beer.

“That’s where our focus has always been.

We wanted to put the emphasis on the beer, but to do that, we had to have a Southern Comfort spirit that really complements the bourbon and the rye.”

Southern comfort is typically made with rye, bourbon, and rye-barramundi syrup, which is often flavored with honey.

There’s also a Southern Passion liqueure.

Southern Comfort was a huge hit among the craft brewing community.

Lavin said the popularity of the drink is partly due to the fact that it has a unique taste and a unique spirit.

“I think there’s a lot of people who are looking for something different, a Southern flavor, and we were able to create something that we were very excited about,” he said.

We’re not sure where that’s going to end up. “

Southern Comfort is something that will definitely be a part of our business.

People are really looking for this, and hopefully it’s just going to be a one-off thing.”

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