What do we know about the origins of the eggnogs?

On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported that a bottle of the popular liqueurs from the 1930s is said to have come from France.

The bottle was discovered by a local woman who claimed it contained “the classic eggnogg” flavor, according to the AP.

The company that made the liqueures, E.W. Johnson & Johnson, has since issued a statement denying that it is the originator of the drink, and the company’s website does not mention it as an ingredient.

“As a matter of fact, the origin of the Eggnog was not the egg itself,” the company says.

“This is the original flavor of the brand.”

The Associated Press report also says that “some experts have suggested that the egg nog was actually made by an American woman, who lived in New York during the Depression.”

The story is also consistent with the claims of eggnoodles that were also made in America during the depression, but they were made in France.

A spokeswoman for E. W. Johnson told The New York Times that it was “not the first eggnoodle.”

The company has also been accused of marketing the drink to young people in France, but the company said it had no ties to the eggy drinks.

“We are a family company and our mission is to bring a fresh flavor to the marketplace,” said company spokeswoman Laura Bieler.

“We have worked with local restaurants, retailers and producers to create Eggnogs and Eggnoodle in the United States.”

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