Alize liquor, sorbet, rum and brandy are the top three in China

China is one of the world’s largest and most affluent countries.

Its exports account for about a third of global trade and account for more than a third, or $7 trillion, of global economic output.

It’s the world leader in liquors, spirits, and wine, and its economy accounts for about 10% of global output.

But China has long struggled with what it sees as a lack of innovation, and a long list of products, from cosmetics to shampoo, are widely available at discount.

Now, the country is also struggling with an increasing number of alcohol and other “unhealthy” products that can be harmful, especially to the lungs.

The result is that some products have become the target of intense public criticism.

Last year, China banned all alcoholic beverages in restaurants and bars across the country.

The ban went into effect this year.

The measures were prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Now some Chinese cities are banning beer and wine from their pubs.

A handful of bars have banned the sale of spirits.

The state-run media said last month that the ban was designed to combat the spread of alcohol-related diseases.

It also aimed to limit the number of tourists visiting China.

And on Dec. 3, the government imposed new restrictions on the sale and consumption of beer, wine, spirits and other unhealthful beverages.

Some of the banned products are among the world top five most consumed beverages, according to a report released by the Center for the Study of the Health Effects of Alcohol and Drug Abuse, or CSHEA.

Liquor brands such as liqueurs, vodka, rum, and brandys account for 40% of the country’s spirits exports.

China’s wine industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, which has also affected Chinese wine-making, which is largely made of grapes.

Some provinces have been forced to ban all wine exports.

The government is also cracking down on imports of alcohol products.

On Thursday, authorities banned beer imports from a number of states.

The move was a response to a petition by the government that was signed by over 40,000 people.

Some local government officials have also been trying to ban imports of some of the top-selling spirits, including spirits from China’s biggest wine producer, Hebei Province, which produced about 80% of China’s spirits output in 2016.

The country’s alcohol consumption has been growing rapidly in recent years, and alcohol-dependent people are particularly vulnerable.

Many of these people, including those with diabetes, are already at higher risk for heart disease and cancer.

As a result, the CSHEB found, a recent survey found that about a quarter of Chinese adults, or more than 3.3 million, were alcohol dependent.

But the government has not implemented policies to address the growing numbers of people who are unable to meet the daily requirements of their health.

That’s a major problem in China, where many of its cities have struggled to maintain their public health standards.

A report published last year by the CSCEA found that more than half of the cities in China have a higher rate of alcohol abuse than other cities in the country and that the number is growing.

Many cities are also struggling to reduce alcohol consumption among their citizens.

As the government attempts to regulate the drinking and drug use of its citizens, the number who are also addicted to alcohol is rising.

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