Italia 2-0 Italy – La Croce dell’Atalanta

Italia, who have won the last three matches at Stadio Olimpico, lost their first match in the competition to an under-23 side but were not beaten.

Gianluigi Buffon scored twice as La Crocesca beat Italy 3-1.

The Italians also beat Austria 3-0.

“It was a good victory, but it is not over yet,” said Buffon.

“We have to go to the next match, but the two games have given us a lot of confidence.”

La Crociere della Croce are coming off a 4-1 victory over Italy on Friday night, and will now play Romania on Tuesday in the last two rounds.

They are the last Italian team to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament.

“La Croce will be the last to qualify,” said captain Mario Perotti.

“The only team we can be confident of beating is Italy.”

Italian striker Alessandro Del Piero scored twice for La Croci.

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