Liqueur: Patron Orange Liqueurs contain the same ingredients as Orange liqueurs but have a much lower alcohol content, the FDA says

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning to consumers against buying Patron Orange liquesdeaux, saying they contain a very high alcohol content that can cause liver damage if consumed improperly.

The warning comes after the Food and Drug Administration and the Consumer Product Safety Commission launched investigations into the Orange Liquor brand.

The FDA said that Patron Orange is not a food or drug and cannot be sold in the United States.

It added that it has taken steps to address the issue, including issuing warning letters to more than 10,000 Orange Liquesdeau brands and establishing a “pilot” program to test more than 100 liqueures to see if they contain alcohol.

The Consumer Product Products Safety Commission said the FDA and the CPSC have taken action to protect consumers from consuming dangerous alcohol-containing liqueuries.

The CPSC also said it is working with Orange Ligurs to develop a voluntary program to reduce the concentration of alcohol in liqueured beverages.

Orange liqueure Patron Orange has been available since 2003 and is made by the French-Belgian company Château de la Liqueure, which is based in the northern city of Charleville.

The company says the liqueour is made with an organic cane sugar and organic grapes grown in the northeastern part of the country.

The liqueors have been marketed under the brand name Châtres Orange since 2003.

Orange Liqueures is the first new Orange liquor product to hit the market since the FDA issued its new warning in April.

It comes as the industry is facing a surge in sales of alcohol-infused liqueirs.

Sales have nearly doubled since the beginning of this year, to $6.6 billion.

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