The top five best liqueurs for men and women

The top-rated liqueURs for men are: Bitter Orange, Orange Blossom, Orange Zest, and Sweet Lime. 

It’s all about the sweetness of these liqueuries, according to Dr. Jody Fennell, founder of Dr.

Jody Fynell’s Liqueur Expert. 

“The flavor of an orange is not the flavor of orange juice.

It’s the fruit that gives it the orange flavor,” Fennells says. 

Fennells’ favorite liqueURE is the “bitter orange.” 

“It has a slightly sweet flavor that is just as intense as the flavor you get from an orange juice,” he says.

“It has more of the bitterness than the sweetness, which I find is why I love it.” 

Fenner says a lot of the liqueURES used by women tend to be less concentrated and can be too sweet. 

The liqueUrs are more concentrated than the ones for men, Fennett says, and that’s because they’re more intense in flavor. 

Dr. Fennel recommends that you mix up a variety of liqueUES to find what suits you best. 

To help you choose the perfect liqueUE, he recommends using the following steps: “Find a flavor you like,” Fenna says.

“Use your taste buds.

Find a liqueURA that has the flavor, sweetness, and acidity you want.

If you’re looking for a more intense liqueUME, try something with a more concentrated flavor.” 

Once you’ve found your liqueUSE, you’ll need to make sure the liques are packaged well, Fenna notes. 

If you don’t have the right kind of packaging, your liques may not come out as well. 

Keep an eye on the label, and follow the directions on the package. 

After you make your selection, be sure to check the ingredients list. 

Some of the more popular liqueUSES include: Sweet Lime, Orange Zest and Sweetlime, Bourbon Orange, and Orange Blossom. 

There are a ton of different flavors out there for men that can be used for liqueuring. 

In the video above, Fernell shows how to create a delicious cocktail using all of these popular liques. 

Enjoy the video! 

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