Which cocktails are your favourite to drink with your friends?

The Amaro Liqueur Cocktail is a refreshing drink made from citrus fruits with a touch of lemon, served with a side of cherry.

It’s a classic and an old favourite of mine.

I love a refreshing cocktail that doesn’t leave me feeling achy and thirsty.

This Amaro liqueour cocktail uses a citrus fruit concentrate that gives a fresh and citrusy flavour and a fresh lemon and lime taste.

You can also add ice to make it a little easier to drink.

It’s the perfect drink for a relaxing evening, or after a day at the office, or even when the kids are in bed.

The Amari Liqueurs are easy to make, and the fruit-based flavours keep you coming back for more.

The Amaro Citrus Liqueour Cocktail can be made from: Amaro citrus liqueurs (amari liqueure) (500ml) Amaro Citruel liqueures (Amaro liques)  (750ml) Amaro Lemonade (300ml)

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