How to get the most out of the new ‘blender’ of the future, according to the man behind it

The blender of the 21st century is about to hit the shelves. 

The latest innovation in the world of food and drink, the Blender 2, will come to market in the US in early 2019 and will come with a brand new packaging and retail concept. 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the first Blender, which was invented by Michael R. Blazer, a software engineer from Chicago, Illinois.

Blazer, who is currently working on the new software, is credited with the idea for the blender that we know today, and was a pioneer in the field of blender technology. 

In 2014, the blender was announced by Blazer and his partner James R. Langer as the “world’s first and most advanced blender”. 

The Blender’s original goal was to be a simple and inexpensive device that could be used to make food or beverages. 

Instead, the device was originally designed to be the first machine to combine the combination of a blender with a food processor. 

However, after a few prototypes, Blazer was able to come up with a device that was considered the “best blender” in the history of the world. 

The first blender, invented by Blazer and Langer, was invented in Chicago, IL in 1918. 

Its first iteration, the Model I, was a single-purpose blender that used a large bowl of liquid to combine two ingredients. 

By the early 1920s, the machine was becoming a more refined machine that used two pots or plates to blend liquids together. 

Later, the Blend-a-bowl, the first version of the blender, was developed in France. 

Lager was the inventor of the Blend A-boom, which combined a blender bowl with a coffee grinder and blender. 

Both machines had their origins in the United States, but Blazer wanted to go into the US to prove that a blender can be made to work in the home. 

He decided to create the blender to be “simple, inexpensive, and effective”. 

Blaze and Lager started working on a blender in 1924, when they were still just 20 years old, and were able to create a blender that could make up to 300ml of liquid in one go. 

They were so successful at creating the Blend that they were given the opportunity to move to the United Kingdom and develop the Blender A-Boom, which would become the first consumer blender.

Blazer was so impressed by the Blend, that he became a patent holder and was able to start the Blenders Patent Office. 

Today, the world is in awe of Blazer’s innovations. 

While we can’t be sure exactly how the Blend worked at the time, Blizzard, the company that owns the Blends brand, has a number of patents related to blender technology, including patents related to the blending of food. 

There is a patent for blending liquid into a solid or a liquid with a shape that resembles a blender.

 Another patent, patent number 5,904,622, allows blending liquid and food together, which is similar to the blending process in the Blowers Model A-Boom. 

Blazers patent is currently held by the US Patent Office, but we can still get a sense of the Blazer brand through Blazer himself. 

One of the main things Blazer would like to change is the way the blender looks. 

It’s important to note that Blazer wants to get rid of the bowl and other parts of the machine, and he would like to create an enlarged, more compact version that could fit in a purse or backpack. 

What do you think about Blazer going to the blender?

Let us know in the comments below.

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