How to make the best eggnog flavor in a can: All you need to know

If you’re a fan of orange juice, you know how to make eggnogs.

But when you’re in need of a little something a little more special, this recipe for orange cream liquor from the Recode podcast could be for you.

The recipe is a classic one, and it’s all about how the orange juice is added to the liqueurs.

“We love orange, and we love the orange flavor,” said Michelle Ponder, executive chef at the S&P Food & Wine Bar in Philadelphia.

“It’s very refreshing, and the orange is just perfect for the eggnogg.”

The recipe uses eggnougas, but you could also use other fruits, like mango, apple, and peach.

It also calls for fresh lemon juice, but we prefer using orange juice.

You can find orange liqueure at health food stores and in your local grocery store.

For more eggnogging recipes, read about how to roast an egg and how to use a cinnamon roll.

(Recipe adapted from Recode.)

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