When a tequila liquor drink can make you vomit

Suze Liqueur is not the only company making its tequila drink more palatable.

Tequila is being made with a much healthier ingredients.

Here are the basics of the new suzy: The drink uses coconut oil, which is low in fat and cholesterol and is often touted as a health-promoting ingredient.

Its popularity has soared thanks to a rise in sales of the drink.

Its popularity has also surged thanks to its high calorie content, which can be found in a cocktail of three shots, one of which is 4,500 calories.

The new suze liquerini is made with organic tequila, which the company says is 100% naturally sourced.

While some people prefer the taste of the more exotic tequila drinks, the new drink will likely appeal to those who are still looking for a healthier alternative to a soda.

The new suzies can be enjoyed with a cocktail or chilled in a glass of chilled lime juice.

A tequila shot is also available as a tequilas standard, which comes with a shot of tequila.

Tequila liquesseau can be ordered in a wide variety of flavors including tequila vanilla, tequila tequila or tequila orange.

“We believe the new liqueurs will appeal to consumers who are looking for something a little different and fresh, but also enjoy a healthy and refreshing beverage,” the company said in a statement.

Suze Liquesseaux has been in business since 2007, and has sold nearly 3.5 million bottles since its inception.

If you’re craving a suzy, check out our tequila tasting guide.

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