Why I don’t drink beer, but I still love cider

I don, too.

I love the idea of getting a drink, and I don.

But my favorite way to enjoy a beer, at least for me, is in a glass or a cask.

That’s the way my mom always did it.

And I loved it, too, because I knew that the same beer, the same bottle, would make me happy for the rest of my life.

That was the only way I could drink it.

So, I was always thinking about getting a glass, and so I started searching online for the perfect way to get one.

But I also found a lot of different ways to do it.

I started out by buying a bottle of wine.

And then I had a few glasses of beer.

But by the time I went out to dinner with friends, I had to start thinking about something else.

So I tried cider.

It was so good.

But it didn’t really seem to be a good way to have a drink.

So I thought, Maybe I can make my own.

I thought I could make my version of apple cider.

And so, that’s when I came up with this recipe.

It’s a mix of cider and apple juice, which is a pretty straightforward way to make cider.

But then I decided I could also add a bit of apple sauce, which was really good.

So this is a simple, delicious cider that’s super easy to make.

And it’s just as good with a glass of wine as it is with a cork.

It really is delicious, and really does have a lot going for it.

So, just make it and enjoy it.

And I also tried the lemon juice, because that really was my favorite thing.

I had never tried lemon juice before, and it’s really a great way to add something new to your diet.

And a great thing to add to cider, because it’s actually good for you.

It tastes really good, and you can even add some honey or sugar to make it even better.

So that’s just the perfect complement to a beer.

And apple cider is one of the best things I can do to a drink because it really gives you energy.

And there’s something so good about just getting your hands on a nice apple cider glass and enjoying it with a nice wine.

It tastes great.

And this is the recipe for a good-looking cider.

This is an apple cider, which tastes good and is actually really good for your body.

It is also very low in calories, so it can be a really great thing for you, and good for the planet.

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